Vanilla WoW offers a very slow and nostalgic leveling experience so we brought you some tips that will help you along your journey!

1. Use Your Gold Wisely

  • Need your mount money.
  • More gold for max level.
  • Don’t buy gear while leveling.
  • Don’t have to learn every single spell

Gold is very important in Vanilla WoW, and your gonna want that for your mount money, not only do you want gold for your mount, you’re gonna want gold for obviously your epic mount at 60, you’re gonna want for at 60 when you get your Pre-Raid farm Set because a lot of classes use BoE sets (Bind On Equip) such as the Devilsaur sets so you’re gonna want some gold.

Highly recommended that you don’t buy any gear while leveling off the auction house, don’t train every single spell that you have, there are some spells that you don’t need and they could be expensive to rank up, so for example hunters, you’re probably not gonna wanna buy Mongoose Bite or Raptor Strike. Just keep in mind that there are certain spells that the classes have that you just don’t need.

2. Dungeons and their Quests

  • Dungeon exp bad.
  • Quest sharing

Don’t do dungeons unless you have all the quests for them, why? Because dungeon exp isn’t worth it, you can grind but it’s bad if you plan to level fast. Make sure your group has all the quests for your dungeon if you are leveling with a group, tell them to share them if they have them and you do not.

3. Rare Items

  • White items
  • Boe Items
  • Scammers

Be aware, especially if you’re playing for the first time, Certain items go for a lot of gold, some items you may be surprised at, and a lot of them are White items too. Some people would be surprised. A lot of white items in the game go for a decent amount of money, I wouldn’t just vendor the white items, A lot of them are used for Professions, I recommend you try to sell some of those White items on the auction house.

Keep an eye out for BoE items (Bind on Equip), Don’t let people scam you into thinking that it’s not worth much, especially if you are in a group or in a dungeon and an item drops and you may not know its worth a lot, but the other guy does, so be aware.

4. Make Friends

  • Find a Guild easier.
  • Easier to get Dungeon invites
  • Elite Quests

Add people to your friend list while you’re questing with them, you can easily find a guild if you make friends, it will be easier to get Dungeon invites, you will always have people in your level range if you keep adding people, and you will sometimes be able to participate in Group Quests, They can also help you in PVP Combat.

5. Download Questie

If you are leveling, the best thing you can do is download the Add-On Questie, it tells you what quests are available for you, it tells you where you complete the quests, It’s kind of like your personal wowhead in the game for you.

6. Bonus tip for getting gold fast in WoW Classic / Vanilla..

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