As everybody knows Blizzard just recently officially announced Legacy Servers, so here’s what you should do in preparation for Legacy Servers! 

For all of you that play Legion and might now start playing Vanilla WoW, your class will be totally different, so if you’re going to play the class that you play in Legion I highly recommend that you check out a class guide.

1. Find Your Class

Your class and race depend hugely in Vanilla WoW, for instance, if you wanted to be a human warrior you would choose human warrior because you get Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization which increases your Sword skill and Mace skill by 5, or maybe you want to be an Orc warrior which will give you an Orc-only Buff that increases base melee attack power by 25% for 15 sec and reduces healing effects on you by 50% for 25 sec, with a 2 minute cooldown, Some of these Buffs are really good for certain classes.

2. Factions & Races

Factions in Vanilla WoW is totally different from Legion, for instance, you could only play Shaman if you were a part of the Horde and you could only play a Paladin if you were a part of the Alliance.

In Vanilla there was also a lot more race restricted classes, for instance, if you wanted to create a Human Hunter, you couldn’t, Because there was no such thing as a Human Hunter in Vanilla. A warlock could not be played as a Dwarf, A gnome as a priest etc..

3. Add-ons

Add-ons are extremely important in Vanilla WoW, If you are leveling, playing PVE, playing PVP, leveling a Profession, Questing, or simply just having troubles with how to play your class. There will always be add-ons out there to assist you in doing these things. If you play a healer, if you play a DPS, if you play a tank, there are add-ons specifically for those roles. Leveling in Vanilla WoW is already really difficult and a slow process by default so picking up an addon that will help you quest or tell you where the next best farming spot is located at wouldn’t hurt at all.

4. Leveling

Leveling in Vanilla WoW is very different to Legion, in Legion, you have Heirlooms, Heirloom Mounts, Potions that boost your Experience Gain, Dungeon Finder, Quest Helpers, et cetera.

In Vanilla WoW you will have none of that, so if you’re planning on leveling in Vanilla WoW you need to make sure that you will be ready to invest a lot of time into the game and be ready to grind for weeks maybe months assuming you want to reach the level cap and get to the End-Game.

It will take Blizzard a very long time to prepare and launch their legacy servers. In fact, it is widely speculated that it will take at least a year.

So you will have a lot of time to prepare.

5. Bonus tip for getting gold fast in WoW Classic / Vanilla.

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