Looking up online for Vanilla WoW Profession guides will often give you lead to how to level them from 1-300, rarely covering them as an overview or slightly more in depth. The purpose of this guide is to help new and returning to Vanilla WoW Classic when it comes out this summer, choose the skills that suit their needs. Vanilla professions can be found to be very underrated by a large number of players, we believe that is because of their lack of knowledge and lack of awareness on the nature of the changing economy, enjoy.

Primary Professions


  • Skinning The profession that is most consistent, convenient, and easy to level. Picking this skill on your leveling journey will almost guarantee enough gold to learn your skills and train the mount at level 40, even if you’re doing a speed leveling session. This is because Skinning is not necessarily tied to the changing economy and in case the market is over-saturated with leather, you can always vendor it for a good price. Skinning is also a profession that you usually pair with Leatherworking. Doesn’t make a lot of gold, but sometimes you can make a decent amount from selling [wowclassic id=15417]. [wowclassic id=15417] Can be farmed from the four T-Rexes in Un-Goro Crater.
  • Mining Compared to Skinning is more subjective to the changing economy, but this does not mean that you will not be able to make a decent amount of gold with it, It means that you will have to look more carefully at the market and sell your goods at the highest prices, usually during weekends, and prime time. Mining would be more suited if u plan to get Blacksmithing/Engineering, since there are more opportunities to transform your raw materials into gold this way. Therefore it’s also a great profession for mail/plate classes. Makes good money early on. If you are planning on picking up Mining on a high populated server or on a server start, be aware that it’s going to be a constant battle over nodes, and therefore it might not be as efficient.
  • Herbalism Before you pick Herbalism, know that it’s not just a “walk in the park”, but the payoffs can be great. Herbalism is basically a must for everyone who picked Alchemy, almost all the potions will require herbs and viles to create, but that does not mean you can’t pick them individually. Herbalism as a gathering skill is great for making some quick gold, your biggest form of income will come from high-level herbs, but there are early game herbs as well so do not fear. To understand how much extra gold you can make while you level up from 1-60 in Azeroth, we will show you some estimated prices for a variety of herbs.
  • A stack of [wowclassic id=13463]  20-30g, and can be gathered easily from Azshara, Felwood, Winterspring, and Silithus.
  • A stack of [wowclassic id=8846]  25-35g, gathered in Felwood, Blasted Lands, and Winterspring.
  • A stack of [wowclassic id=13465] 15-25g, pick them in Un-Goro Crater, Azshara, Silithus, and Western Plaguelands.
  • A stack of [wowclassic id=8845] 15-25g, found in The Hinterlands, Desolace, and really common in the dungeon Maraudon.


  • Engineering Is definitely no doubt about it the most fun profession in World of Warcraft. Offers great advantages that in the end will make you a better player, both in terms of gameplay and player interaction. Having said that, Engineering is definitely a must-have for you people out there that want to participate in player versus player combat, world PVP, battlegrounds, and more. There is a catch though, the items and devices you can craft with engineering might be the best but you must first acquire the recipes/rare schematics. Now, If you’re planning to have Engineering for the whole iteration of vanilla. The best strategy is to get Gnomish Engineering first, then proceed to craft all the bind on pickup and stuff that are unique to Gnomish Engineering, then abandon Engineering & re-learn it as Goblin Engineering. By doing this you will have all usable stuff from Gnomish Engineering, while being able to craft the consumables the from Goblin Engineering. To finish it off here are a few examples of devices, items, and consumables you can craft with Engineering: [wowclassic id=7189] [wowclassic id=10724] [wowclassic id=18634] [wowclassic id=18638] [wowclassic id=16040] [wowclassic id=4394]
  • Tailoring Tailors can take Cloth and make wonders out of it, Cloth Armors, Robes, Shirts, and Bags are the purity of the tailor. The benefits are diverse, classes such as Mage, Priest, and Warlocks can wear the different type of lightly armored clothes that Tailoring can provide for you. All classes can benefit from a variety of bags, and everyone can appreciate the decorative shirts and outfits. Tailoring does not rely on a gathering profession, cloth is found in chests and on defeated mobs, as well as purchased. As such Tailoring can be paired with a variety of professions, with Enchanting being the most common.
  • Enchanting Is usually paired with Tailoring, and most of the time replace a gathering profession later in the game. It has the potential to make a lot of gold but it will be tough and you will need to work hard for it. Takes a lot of time, effort, and gold to level up Enchanting. However, if you find a good recipe, you will make a lot of gold. Many enchanters sell their unique services to other players, and demand prices directly proportional to the rarity of the work they produce, which is one of the main ways of making gold as an enchanter.
  • Alchemy Overall alchemy is a great profession to have, most commonly paired with herbalism to get most of it. It can help you create potions and buffs to help you on your leveling journey, making your life a lot easier. Alchemy is considered one of the best profession in terms of getting rich, but keep in mind you’ll have to do the typical recipe grind because selling the same basic recipes like other players won’t make you any money.
  • Blacksmithing Blacksmiths uses Bars of metal to make finely crafted melee weapons, mail/plate armor, and some trade items. They can also make special sharpening stones such as [wowclassic id=12404] that increases the damage on Sharp and Blunt weapons temporarily. They can also craft Skeleton Keys such as [wowclassic id=15871] that can be used to open chests when rogues aren’t available. This skill is a good choice for Warriors and Paladins as they can benefit from the Mail and then Plate armor and the wide selection of weapons. Hunters and Shamans can also use most of the weapons made but they’re late bloomers, meaning they can only start using Mail armor at level 40. And most importantly if you do decide to pick this profession, at skill level 200 and character level 40, Blacksmiths can choose to become an Armorsmith or a Weaponsmith. Weaponsmiths can later further specialize into Hammer, Axe or Swordsmiths. Once you make one of these choices you cannot go back, so choose very carefully.
  • Leatherworking with this profession you can take hard, pointy, or strong hides of beasts everywhere and turn them into useful products. Most of these products are Leather armor, but as well as cloaks, quivers, and armoring kits such as [wowclassic id=4265] that improves the defensive values of armor. Leatherworking is also great for leveling up your character since you can very cheaply make item upgrades and armor kits on your journey. Contrary to popular belief, Leatherworking is one of the least picked skills because if you compare it to tailoring, for example, it imposes some limitations.

Secondary Professions

In terms of secondary professions, there’s not that much to say.

  • First Aid Is not a money maker, you’re not getting this for money. You really want those bandages, mandatory for raids and pvp. If your class can’t selfheal like warrior, rogue, and hunter, First Aid will be really good for you.
  • Cooking There’s not that much to Cooking, there are however some important Recipes though, [wowclassic id=13945], [wowclassic id=18267], and [wowclassic id=21025].
  • Fishing Is useful to have. You can fish up things such as the boss in Zul Gurub. It’s recommended to pick Fishing and pair it with Cooking, keep in mind that leveling fishing could be very slow and take a long time, depends on the player. Profitable Fish are as follows: [wowclassic id=13759], and [wowclassic id=6522].

The End

Thanks for reading this guide, just keep in mind no professions are “required”. You pick them up to either earn some extra gold on your journey, have them as a chore, get one with advantages all-over such as Engineering. Or just simply grab a profession that you may think is fun to have like Fishing.

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