This gold making guide will take place in the Stranglethorn vale, which has been for a very long time the home of the jungle trolls, under the leadership of the gurubashi tribe. Over time the gurubashi came to be very cruel, sacrificing trolls of other tribes to their evil god Hakkar the soulflayer.

After a long-lasting civil war the tribes of Stranglethorn split forever becoming enemies, the Darkspear tribe was one of these tribes, eventually driven offshore by a band of rampaging murlocs and taken in by the horde, and to this day Stranglethorn remains a wild place full of danger.

And now we will venture down deep into the hidden Crystalvein Mine.

The Cape of Stranglethorn

This is how the entrance to the Crystalvein Mine looks like

Crystalvein Mine Entrance

Loot and vendor price, along with stack numbers

The mob we’re going to kill

Ironjaw Basilisk LVL 43-44

The consistently drop four grey items that can easily be farmed alone and sold to vendors for quick and easy gold. trash drop table

[wowclassic id=11386] (drop chance 37%)

[wowclassic id=4093] (drop chance 36%)

[wowclassic id=4092] (drop chance 11%)

[wowclassic id=11387] (drop chance 11%)

Also note that ontop of this, if you’re lucky, the basilisk have a decent drop rate on green and blue items such as: [wowclassic id=1718] and [wowclassic id=873]

Experience gain

In terms of experience, this spot is not bad.

At around level 44, you average 250xp per kill, so imagine you’re farming here for a few hours maybe even a whole day if you’re in desperate need of gold, you can easily earn xp, if you defeat 200 mobs you will have earned 50.000xp already.

Keep in mind that the closer you are to the mobs level, obviously the more XP you will gain.

Get more gold and speed up your grind with these tips and tricks 

  • Firstly, two professions are viable for this spot.

Mining is decent as the cave has a couple of [wowclassic id2772] and [wowclassic id=3858] nodes.

Skinning is great in almost every scenario, and it is no different here, skinning with it’s [wowclassic id=4234] and [wowclassic id=4304] will drastically increase your gold per hour by around 20-30%.

NOTE: that this grinding spot is very viable even without skinning or mining.

  • Next, you can enchant your weapon with [wowclassic id=11164] as this will give you an additional 6 damage to beasts, and considering the low price for it, its simply a must have.
  • As we all know grinding mobs will fill your bags up really quickly, especially if you’re a skinner. We highly recommend that before you venture out, you purchase 4 cheap bags with a good number of slots in them, here’s a great example: [wowclassic id=14046].
  • When you enter the Crystalvein Mine, a solid treasure chest spawns and it is visible from the cave entrance. Open it every time it respawns as it can contain items from grey to rare qualities which can easily add up to a few extra golds.
  • As you venture deeper into the cave, you will come across a rare lvl 45 basilisk called, this mob will spawn on average every 3 hours, keep an eye out for it as it can drop the [wowclassic id=1604]. It’s not nearly as expensive in Vanilla WoW as it is on retail, but it’s still worth something as it has 360 speed and some Human two-hand users might be interested in it.

Things to watch out for

There’s just one thing we need to be aware of while battling these basilisks.

The have an annoying stun called (Stuns enemies in a cone in front of the caster, rendering them unable to move or attack for 15 seconds.)

It’s imperative that you always try to interrupt this spell or you will be CC’d for 15 whole seconds, which is a lot of time and can delay you a lot, especially if you can’t interrupt it. Damage dealt on you could also break this stun but not every time.

How much gold can you earn farming the Basilisks?

Should be very easy for a lvl 43-45 to push:

20 Gold Per Hour

Do note that the gold per hour estimate here does not take into account gold you may earn from professions, and hitting those jackpots. By jackpots we mean [wowclassic id=1718] and [wowclassic id=873], it all depends on how lucky you are.

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