In this gold making guide, we will be covering the Plaguebats of Eastern Plaguelands, mobs with one of the best loot tables in-game for making quick and easy gold.

Eastern Plaguelands Plaguebat gold farming

a map of the eastern plaguelands zone in world of warcraft
Eastern Plaguelands in WoW Classic

The bats you’re going to farm here consistently drops four different grey items that can easily be farmed alone and sold for quick and safe gold.

Loot and vendor price, along with stack numbers

First off, here’s how they look

a bat with wings that drops great gold in wow classic
Plaguebat in Eastern Plaguelands

These ugly bats drop the following core items that will make you rich in WoW Classic in no time. Although it might require some PvP skill, as this zone will be highly contested by other gold-grinding players.

Plaguebat Trash Drop Table

[wowclassic id=11395] (drop chance: 27%)
[wowclassic id=11402] (drop chance: 27%)
[wowclassic id=11403] (drop chance: 27%)
[wowclassic id=11404] (drop chance: 27%)
[wowclassic id=8146] (drop chance: 27%)

NOTE: [wowclassic id=8146] Is also a crafting material and can be used to craft various items that are valueable in the start of Classic. You should consider selling the [wowclassic id=8146] at your auction house if they happen to go for a lot of gold.

Statistics of the three plaguebats and their respective unique ablities

Below, we summarize the statistics of each bat, so that you can pick the most effective route for your gold grinding. What you shoud pick varies depending on class and level.

Level 53-55
HP: 3400
Spell: Terrifying Screech (Causes nearby enemies to flee in fear for 4 sec.)

Noxious Plaguebat
Level 54-56
HP: 3600
Spell: Slowing Poison (Increases the time between an enemy’s attacks by 25% and slows its movement speed by 65% for 25 sec.)

Monstrous Plaguebat
Level 56-58
HP: 3800
Spell: Sonic Burst (Inflicts normal damage plus 3 on nearby enemies, preventing them from spellcasting for 10 sec.)

Pick a bat to farm of your choosing – but pick carefully!

Now it’s time to choose which one of these ugly bats you will grind. They all drop similar loot, as you might know, but is there time to gain in picking a specific one? In WoW Classic grinding – time is money. Below we will discuss the three best classes to tackle each bat and why.

The three best classes out of the 9 are the following:


Maximizing and getting the most gold possible out of your grind


In terms of professions, all three gathering skills are viable with skinning proving to be the most consistent one.

With mining, there’s a lot of Truesilver, Thorium and Rich Thorium Veins. If you spend enough time here you can get a couple of thorium stacks and sometimes Arcane Crystals. With herbalism, however, it’s a different story, [wowclassic id=13463] and [wowclassic id=13466] are quite abundant in Eastern Plaguelands. If lucky enough you could also find a couple of [wowclassic id=13468], this skill is perfect to have while grinding here, especially if you’re grinding before or during the release of new content as this will increase herb prices significantly. Skinning seems to be the most consistent, seeing as there are tons of mobs scattered around all of Eastern Plaguelands, tons of [wowclassic id=8170], and [wowclassic id=4304] can be gathered.

Below, we show the ores, herbs, and leathers that you can harvest in the Eastern Plaguelands and their uses!


Common ore: [wowclassic id=10620] Reagent for various mid to late game weapons and armors.
Uncommon ore: [wowclassic id=7911] Reagent for various mid to late game weapons, armors, and accessories/jewelry.
Rare ore: [wowclassic id=12363] Reagent for very expensive endgame weapons, armors, and legendary [wowclassic id=17771]


Common herb: [wowclassic id=13463] Reagent for endgame flasks, potions, and elixirs.
Common herb: [wowclassic id=13466] Reagent for endgame elixir and potions.
Rare herb: [wowclassic id=13468] Reagent for the [wowclassic id=13510] among a couple of other flasks.


Common leather: [wowclassic id=8170] Reagent for the Blue, Black Dragonscale pre-raiding sets, and the endgame [wowclassic id=18510].
Common leather: [wowclassic id=4304] Reagent for a couple of early-game armors, and weapons.

How much gold can you earn farming the plaguebats?

Below we will now give you an estimate on how much you can earn per hour farming these materials. The numbers will differ due to competition, lack of gear to kill fast, and getting killed by another player in pvp combat.

  • With an Early game Character
    40 Gold per hour
  • With a Late game Character
    60-70 Gold per hour

Do note that the gold per hour estimate here does not take into account gold you may earn from using your professions, so the gold per hour should be even greater than this!

Enjoy grinding!