Today we are going to discuss 4 expensive & rare Vanilla WoW items that will be returning in Classic WoW, explaining how to obtain and why they are worth so much.

First item – Hand of the Edward of the Odd

wow classic rare item
Hand of the Edward of the Odd
[wowclassic id=2243]

Estimated Price:
1000-2000 gold

LvL 57 Mace Chance on hit: Next spell cast within 4 sec will be cast instantly.

As the name suggests this item actually has an odd and pretty enticing story to it, as this is a direct reference to the early World of Warcraft Developer Eric Dodds. Although he might be known for being the lead designer for Hearthstone, this developer worked on almost every game Blizzard had to offer, from Starcraft to Diablo, in rather really important positions. Until that bright moment when he joined the newly formed World of Warcraft team where he spent eight years serving as a System Designer, one of the roles he had for World of Warcraft, was to design the professions for players, including engineering. Eric was responsible for the, and all the other ridiculous gnomish and goblin inventions that we all know true to our hearts. Later on, he was moved from World of Warcraft over to Diablo 3 shortly after the Wrath of The Lich King expansion arrived.

Enough about the history and backgrounds of this weapon. The mace is a BoE World Drop which means it’s a part of the last wave of Epic items, making it very rare, as it drops mostly from mobs with levels between 59-62, most common in Scholomance, Stratholme, and high-end Raids. With a 45 DPS on a 1.6 Speed, makes this mace desired mostly for its Proc: Chance on hit: Next spell cast within 4 sec will be cast instantly. This item was desired mostly by Paladins and Shamans, where a Paladin tank, for example, could drop its weapon speed with to about 1.2, yielding on average more procs, very useful for putting out instant high heals. Or a Shaman in pvp dropping crazy combos with instant‘s, and lastly the proc can also be used to mount up instantly.

Second item –  The Eye of Shadow

The Eye of Shadow
[wowclassic id=18665]

Estimated Price:
150-300 gold

LvL 60

This unique trinket is one of the parts required for the legendary priest quest A quest that in the end rewarded [wowclassic id=18609]/[wowclassic id=18608], obtaining the [wowclassic id=18665] was not easy because it dropped from, the world boss from The Blasted Lands. Although it was a question item, your guild or raid had to tag the boss before you had a chance of tagging this item, which was frustrating for a lot of players. Jeff Kaplan the Lead Game Designer at that time, wanted to implement a plan to change this, so you can loot the [wowclassic id=18665] even if you’re not in the raid group.

When patch 1.5 came the [wowclassic id=18665] had a 100% drop chance from This opened new ways of gold farming and people started farming in hopes of getting the eye, still rare, but the lucky ones who obtained it, consistently were able to sell it on the Auction House for around 150-300 Gold.

Third item – Enchant Weapon Spell Power

Enchant Weapon – Spell Power
[wowclassic id=18259]

Estimated Price:
20-50 Gold Enchant fee

Requires Enchanting (300)

Why would a Bind when picked up Formula be on this list? I guess we cannot stress enough the value of this enchanting recipe, it drops from 7 out of 9 bosses in Molten Core, with about 0.2% drop chance. The value of this Formula does not come from selling it on the Auction House, but from the enchanting fees.

Having this Formula will also make you popular on the Realm/Server and the fees you’re going to ask for is up to you, but don’t be too greedy and ask for too much as it could easily ruin your reputation, 20-50 gold per enchant adds up really quickly and it should make you really rich, should u get the formula early.

Fourth item – Teebu’s Blazing Longsword

Teebu’s Blazing Longsword
[wowclassic id=1728]

Estimated Price:
1000-5000 gold

LvL 60 Chance on hit Blasts a target for 150 fire damage.


This sword is displayed in the inner cover of the World of Warcraft retail box worn by a lvl 60 Dwarf Warrior named Hammerfall. The sword compared to other gloving items actually generated a light source, much like the offhand lanterns and torches. Most weapons that “glow” are fully visible in the dark, but they don’t actually illuminate the surrounding area. Not so with this weapon – it casts a warm light onto your character, nearby walls, and objects.

The sword was truly famous because of its rarity and slow speed, before patch 1.8 instant attacks such as,, benefited a lot from slow weapons with high outburst damage. Also, some classes could generate extra attacks through things like,,, and so on, making a slow weapon net more DPS than a fast weapon. To give an example, a sword with 2.8 speed and 100-200 damage would hit harder than a sword with 2.6 speed and 100-200 damage, even though they have the same listed damage.

How are you supposed to get all this gold to be able to purchase these endgame highly rare and sought after items?

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