As we all know vanilla as a whole is much more unregulated compared to current/retail wow, so there are a lot of nifty things you can do to make your life a bit easier.

Mob Pack

1. Splitting up Packs

Whether you are questing or grinding you will be faced with a group of enemies that you might not be able to solo, but luckily for classic, you can separate any group of enemies. If you keep hitting just one of the mobs the others will eventually head back to their spot as long as you do not hit them.

Over the past few years, they have added limits as to how far the mob can run or follow you, but in classic wow you can use this trick to beat large groups of enemies.

2. Breathe Underwater

Viscout Fallout

In Classic WoW as opposed to retail, there are a lot of items you can get at a low level that you can use throughout your entire journey including after level 60. One of these items is a two-handed staff called which gives you permanent underwater breathing.

With breath timers being much shorter in Classic WoW compared to retail you will benefit from this a lot. It drops off of the Viscous Fallout boss from a dungeon called Gnomeregan located in the Dwarf/Gnome starting area Dun Morogh.

A few things to note about this boss.

  • He is the second boss you encounter in the dungeon.
  • He looks just like a Water Elemental.
  • He will have a 30% chance to drop the staff so it is not so bad.
  • If you do not know where to find him, don’t worry, ask your party members/friends and they will.

3. Weapon Skills

Weapon Skills

In Classic WoW we have weapon skills. Each weapon will have a skill attached to it ranging from 0/300 that you need to level up unless you want every enemy you face to parry all of your attacks.

It can get pretty annoying and time-consuming especially if you’re playing a warrior and you have a lot of weapon types to level up.

Before we start you should note that the Intellect stat increases the speed at which you level your weapons. 


In the Badlands, there are a few Servant mobs that are actually a part of a quest, but at low health, they can act as what we know as Target Dummies which basically means that you can keep hitting them without them dying.

This is because you are actually supposed to use a quest item to finish them off and if we take advantage of these mobs you can keep hitting them and level your weapon skills to max level even while afking.

There are four servant monsters and they can all be found around the big crater at the Dark Portal.

Servant Locations

4. Curing Poisons and Diseases

In WoW there is an item called the that is probably useless on retail but in Classic WoW can cure diseases and neutralize poisons at any level above 22 you want and can prove to be extremely useful in PvP or PvE.

And if any of you were playing Paladin staying in Ironforge or Stormwind, you would remember people coming up to you all the time asking if you could cleanse some random disease that they had because in Classic WoW some of them could last up to an hour.

This drops off of the and located in the Northern Stranglethorn Vale in their own little compound area.

Kurzen Compound

5. Soul Shards

If you plan on playing a warlock in Vanilla WoW you should know that exist. You can get these by draining the soul of an enemy when they die and you need them for various spells such as, and of course as the name suggests

Duskwood Cemetery

These can be hard to farm as you only get them from appropriate level enemies, one of the best spots to farm them in the game though is the Raven Hill Cemetery located in the Western Duskwood. If you come here and use your spell you will see a bunch of high-level ghosts appear which make for a really quick soul shard farm.

The only con with this farm is that it’s biased towards alliance players with it being located in the Duskwood. but if you are an alliance player, the fastest way to get there is by going East from the Sentinel Hill located in the Westfall.

Sentinel Hill

6. Fake Cast Item


In WoW there is a very popular vanity item called that channels a transformation spell that turns you into a furbolg for a few minutes until someone attacks you. But channeling the spell makes your hand glow in the color of paladin & priest spells, and by not everyone having a cast bar addon this item makes for an easy fake cast to bait out an interrupt spell from the enemy.


Now to obtain this item it is unfortunately for alliance players only, but you get it from a quest chain called Raene’s Cleansing which can be acquired from the NPC Raene Wolfrunner located right here in the zone Ashenvale.

Raene Location

Make sure you stop doing quests at the part of the questline where you receive the rod, if you continue, you will lose the rod.

7. No Hearthstone?

This is a short but gold one.

If you are in a dungeon and you finish it only to realize that your Hearthstone is on cooldown, simply leave the party and you will be teleported to the location your Hearthstone is set at.

And if you are the leader and still want to do this, give leader to another party member then leave the party and it should still work.

8. Two Fish to Conquer Them All

Fishing Bois

For everyone who loves fishing or is starting vanilla with the intent of getting fishing as a profession, in Classic WoW, there exist two seasonal fish.

The that can only be caught between the dates of September 23rd 9/23 – 3/19 to March 19th

And the from March 20th 3/20 – 9/22 to September 22nd


Off the two, the Winter Squid is the more sought after one since it’s used for the food which is the best agility food.


And with the Summer Bass, you can make which gives spirit but there are better ways of getting spirit.

Gold Tip

If you didn’t already figure it out, there’s plenty of gold to be made with this tip, just pay attention to when these are on and off-season and you can make some extra or a ton of gold by selling them when they are off-season.

Gold Tip

9. Magic Dust


Sometimes, like in pvp, there come moments where you’d be better off with your enemy asleep rather than being awake.

in Classic WoW there’s an item called which puts an enemy to sleep for up to thirty seconds, but any damage caused to them will wake them up so be careful.

You can obtain the from the Dust Devils patrolling the zone Westfall at a 50% drop chance rate.

Dust Devil

You’ve reached the end of our 9 tips and tricks for Classic WoW with a bonus gold making tip!

We bid you farewell

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