Hey there, leveling a bit too slow?

It has been a week since the launch of World of Warcraft Classic and the reception has been incredible, as many of you may already know there has been long queue times to login and some people have not even bothered to play within these first days just because of it so we have came up with a couple tips and tricks that would definitely help you speed up that process to level from 1-20.

1. Bag Space

If you ask someone what would be the best stat for their class you will probably find some answers telling you Weapon Damage, Agility, Strength, and many more. And even though they would be right, there is something that is as equally important and it is Bag Space. Now some of you may ask, why is this related to leveling?

Well the answer is that compared to retail, in WoW classic Quest items will be using one of your inventory slots and the less bag space that you have will end up meaning that you wouldn’t be able to do as many quests at the same time as if you had a bigger inventory so try to get bags ASAP.

2. Resurrection Sickness

This is something that not many people know and it could be really handy to avoid running back from quests that take you to the opposite side of the map, after finishing your quests you would want to get back to the town asap so you can turn them in and keep leveling and without access to mounts it could be really time consuming so here is the trick.

If you are below level 10 and take the res on the angel, there is no resurrection sickness debuff meaning that you can use this as a “hearthstone” since of course the later has a 1-hour cooldown. After hitting level 10 you get 1 minute of resurrection sickness for every level above 10 meaning that at 11 it’s a 1-minute debuff and so on meaning that it could be worth to do this trick until around level 15

3. Time is money friend (Gold)

In WoW classic gold is scarce, you start to treasure every single piece of copper that you get and of course it has a reason, there are several goldsinks in the game for example the level 40 mount costing 100g, Not having a dual specialization so you have to pay every time you want to change your talents and so on.
In terms of leveling you will notice how expensive training skills is therefore you need to learn how to spend your gold wisely while leveling, the golden rule to live by is loot EVERYTHING, no matter if its grey quality or some trash item there will always be a vendor who will welcome it with open hands and a couple copper coins too, and this is key since by the time you reach level 20 you will spend a couple gold just learning new abilities.

And this takes me to the second point of this tip and its that you don’t need to learn all the spells or abilities from the trainers, there are some that are useless while leveling or that don’t require more than rank 1, this will for sure help you out saving some money for later expenses meaning that you will be able to focus even more on your leveling

4. Tagging Mobs

As some of you may think, leveling zones are crowded right now so there will be a lot of competition for quest mobs and there are a couple things you must be aware of.
First tags do not work as in Retail WoW, meaning that only the player or the group of the player that first attacked the mob will get credit for killing it and you must be on the group before the mob dies otherwise it would not count either. Taking this into account it is advised that for unique mobs you try to group up with other people so everyone else get the credit and you have to be really quick to tag mobs since the respawn timers are usually on the 6-7 minute timers (Use tab targeting and an instant spell, you will thank me for this)

5. First Aid

Getting this profession is key on WoW classic leveling even if you’re a class that can heal itself and you may ask why?
Mana is spent fast and you will find yourself out of mana several times during your leveling experience, now if you’re using mana to both attack and heal yourself it would double the amount of time you will be investing drinking water instead of questing, and believe me it matters.

But this is not the only reason why I’m telling you how good First Aid is, there will be a time when you’re killing mobs and you will accidentally pull another one or it will simply spawn right next to you and in these situations having a band with you could be the difference between killing the mobs or having to run back for 2 minutes to your body