What are the best methods to earn gold in TBC? In this second part, you’re gonna get to know even more methods of making gold!


1. Mote Extractor Farming

For this method to work you need to master the engineer profession. To gain tons of gold you need to extract the moats from gas clouds in special places and on the outland. For example, in the clouds of Zangarmarsh you will find moats of water, and in the Shadowmoon Valley, you will want to seek moats of shadow. Also, the Netherstorm will provide you moats of mana. Clouds are placed in more or less the same locations so you shouldn’t have big issues with finding them. Just hang around, learn the locations and you’ll be good to go. Please bear in mind that this method is only recommended when you have an epic flying mount to move and gather the moats faster. If you have one, it is a really good way of making money since not many players can afford the mount so fewer people can use this method.

2.Scryer and Aldor Reputation Items

These are:

Gathering and selling these items is best at the time of the launch. In this period everyone is rushing and the demand for these is the peek. But where can you find these items? You can search for them in dungeons but only in the ones that have blood or demon elf forces. Please remember that this method is not working so well after its peak so if the start rush is over, it is not worth investing your time.

3. Herbalism

This method is pretty simple, just sell herbs. Herbs in vanilla are one of the best valuable goodies that you can make gold with, and they’re even better in The Burning Crusade DLC.

Here are herbs that you really wanna search for:

The demand for these herbs comes need for slot flask elixirs and potions since you need these herbs to craft them. The best way to profit lots of gold from your herbs is just selling them on the auction house, simple as that. Of course, for that method to work, you’ll need to have a high-level herbalism profession.

4. Mining

Selling iron bars! How obvious is that? So simple, but still so profitable. One of the most common method but still very fruitful, especially in TBC. I won’t list the bars as you probably know all of them, but just to point out some of them: Corium bar, Eternium bar, Eternium ore, Corium ore, Adamantite bar, Fel iron bar. All of these, are super profitable. By the occasion, you’ll also find gems when mining so that adds even more gold to your pocket. Here are some you wanna look for: Telesite, Star of Elune, Living Ruby, Noble Topaz, Dawn Stone, and Knight’s Eye. If they’re uncut they’re worth even more. If you’re a jewel crafter you can insert those gems in your gear so that’s also a plus of your mining and jewel crafting profession combined.

5. Fishing and Cooking

You’re probably thinking, how the heck Fishing and Cooking can be better than herbalism and mining?! That’s a good question, and here comes the answer. It is just super overlooked. That means that fewer players will sell those materials, and that of course means a higher price for your products which events in greater profit. Why are people so bored of Fishing and Cooking methods? Well as you may know these (especially fishing) are very time consumable, so many players just quit them because they just get exhausted and too tired of these repetitive and boring things. That’s where you come with taking advantage of their lack of time. Here’s the list of the most profitable consumables you definitely don’t wanna miss out:

  • Deviate Fish
  • Figluster’s Mud Fish
  • Furious Crawdad
  • Golden Darter
  • Grilled Mud Fish
  • Spicy Crawdad
  • Golden Fish Sticks
  • Huge Spotted Feltail
  • Icefin Blue Fish
  • Zangarian Spore Fish
  • Fisherman’s Feast
  • Poached Blue Fish
  • Blackened Spore Fish

You can look all of these up on this site: https://tbc.wowhead.com/
These two professions are a giant profit combo that many players miss out because of them get bored pretty fast, but now you know that it is worth the patience.

6. Cobra Scales and Thick Clefthoof Leather

These items are super demanded when it comes to the crafting of high-quality valuable items. The high price of them comes from the difficulty of getting them, so keep in mind that this method won’t be easy without the right gear. Thick Clefthoof Leather is sold for 5 gold a pop and the Cobra Scales get sold for 11 to 13 gold each. These two are one of the most profitable items you can get from your skinning profession, but remember to always check other skins’ prices because they’re not the only valuable ones. For example, outland leathers are expensive because of their demand for recipes. Also, I didn’t mention it, but please bear in mind that the prices I tell you are average data and they may vary. The factor that matters here the most, is the demand on your specific server.

7. Nether Cobra Leg Armor

nethercobra leg armor

Nether Cobra Leg Armor is absolutely the best in slot pant enchantment out there for physical damage dealing DPS classes like Warriors, Rogues, Feral, Druids, or Hunters. In the demand peak of this item, it can even sell for crazy amounts like hundreds of gold! If you have some Cobra Scales and you’re a good leatherworker, Nether Cobra Leg Amor is the item you definitely wanna craft and sell! It is also great for leveling your professions. To craft one, you will need these items: 4 Heavy Knothide Leather, 4 Cobra Scales, 8 Primal Air, and Primal Nether which is the hardest one to get. If you want to have a 100% chance for it to drop, then you’ll need to head for the last boss of a heroic version of a dungeon. This gold-making strategy works best if you’re a tank, so also, remember that when choosing the method that suits you the most.