Karazhan attunement can be pretty overwhelming especially when you don’t know where to start and how to finish it.

In this Karazhan attunement guide, we’ve come up with a detailed process in order for you to get attuned to Karazhan in The Burning Crusade.


To start the journey, you can pick up the first two quest at LVL68 in front of Garrison.

The first quest is the Archmage Alturus: Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity. You just have to kill ghosts and collect all the ghostly essence.

While in the dungeon, eventually you’ll come across the tree lake and it will provide you with the first item, the Violet Scrying Crystal. After getting the first item, you have to go out of the dungeon at the same entrance you came in. And just go to the second entrance, it’s just north of the first entrance. Just kill the ghosts that pass your way where you will get the second sample. The second item is the Underground Well Reading.

The next quest will be the Contact from Dalaran. You will just need to report to the Archmage Cedric in Dalaran. To go there you just need to use the portal to Undercity. After handing in the letter accept the next quest and go back to Shattrath.

Once you’re in Shattrath, you can get your next quest on Khadgar.

The next quest is you need to enter the Shadow Labyrinth Auchindoun and retrieve the first key fragment from an Arcane container hidden there.

Karazhan Attunement Dungeon Quests:

First Dungeon Quest – Shadow Labyrinth Attunement

You have to go to the Shadow Labyrinth, kill the boss and you’ll be able to see the crystal-like canister in the room. Note that after clicking the canister, three ghosts will be summoned and you just have to kill them. After getting the first key fragment, hand it over back to Khadgar and you’ll be able to get the second quest.

Second Dungeon Quest – SteamVault

The objective is you need to get the second fragment in Coilfang Reservoir and the third in Tempest Keep.

We will start with SteamVault, the difference of this is that you don’t need to go through the whole dungeon and you can just go straight killing the bosses.

After killing the boss, just like any other fragments, guardian beasts will spawn and you have to kill them all.

Third Dungeon Quest – The Alcatraz

This is the hardest quest of them all.

There’s a questline that you need to complete in order to get to The Alcatraz.

Once you’re attuned, you need to fight your way through the dungeon and summon the Third Fragment Guardian and loot the Third Key Fragment.

Once you’ve collected all the key fragment, go back to Shedward City, and complete the quest in Khadgar. You’ll then get a follow-up and last quest, The Master’s Touch.

Key Collection – The Master’s Touch

In this quest, you need to go to the dungeon that you will find in Teneris and Caverns of Time. But in order to do Black Morass you need to complete all the pre-quest.

First, you need to find The Steward of Time(A dragon) to pick up the pre-quest.

Hand in the quest to Andormu and you’ll get another follow up quest. You’ll be asked to follow a guardian for 10 minutes.

The next quest will tell you to do the Old Hillsbrad Foothills dungeon.

When you’re done with all the quest, you will be attuned for Black Morass.

Once you’re in the Dungeon, you need to find Medivh and talk to him. After talking to him, portals will appear and it will summon dragons that you need to kill. You have to remember that you need to keep Medivh alive or else you’ll fail to complete the quest.

When you’ve successfully finished the quest, return to Shattrath City and talk to Khadgar. After handing over the quest, he’s going to give you The Master’s Key, and with this key, you’ll now be able to do Karazhan!

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