In this article you’ll get to know everything about two secondary professions- Fishing and Cooking and how to easily make gold with them.

But first, what are professions?

There are two kinds of professions, primary, and secondary ones.

Primary professions are:

  • Alchemy

Alchemy is popular among players that are raiding.

  • Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing provides useful weapons and armor for Warriors and Paladins.

  • Enchanting

Enchanting allows players to enhance several gear slots permanently.

  • Engineering

Engineering is a strong profession for DPS classes, and very useful for PVP.

  • Herbalism

Herbalism is one of the best professions to make gold

  • Leatherworking

Leatherworking is used by Leather and Mail users for the crafted gear

  • Mining

Mining is great combined with other professions like Engineering or Blacksmithing

  • Skinning

Skinning goes well with Leatherworkers, providing players with leather, herbs, and scales for crafted gear

  • Tailoring

Tailoring pairs well with Enchanting to dust unneeded crafted gear.

These professions are sorted in four types:

  • Production Professions – Players collect recipes, granting them the ability to craft powerful gear which can be equipped or traded. Some professions offer additional perks in the form of powerful BoP crafted items. Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Cooking, Engineering, Leatherworking, and Tailoring are Production Professions.
  • Service Professions – These professions do not generate trade goods that are equiabble, but allow the player to still create items that benefit players. Enchanting and First Aid are Service Professions.
  • Gathering Professions – These professione supplement Production professions, allowing players to acquire materials that are required to create the powerful trade goods. Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, and Fishing are Gathering Professions.
  • Other – These skills are ones we do not think of as traditional crafting or gathering ones, like Riding, Poisons, and Pickpocketing.

But today we will focus on secondary professions:

  • cookingCooking

Cooking gives player a steady supply of food that can heal and restore mana. It is also useful for raiders, providing them “Well Fed” stat buffs. You will need a Cooking Fire in order to Cook. It’s super helpful for leveling up and can make you tons of gold. To get cooking to the next level you will need to find Baxter and Gaston, the locations where you can find them are marked on the map. No matter of your class, you will for sure find cooking very useful. The most popular products of cooking are:

First Aid gives you an ability to bandage you or your friends in and out of combat. Every class should learn first aid but there are two of them that need this perk the most, these are Warriors and Rouges since they don’t have any healing capabilities. This profession is useful especially in PvP, after CCing an opponent. It is often picked by the players who don’t choose alchemy for their profession. It needs very little resources to provide good healing source. In TBC there are two new bandages, Netherweave which heals for 2800 over 8 seconds and Heavy Netherweave that heals for 3400 over 8 seconds. To become a master you need to get Aresella or Burko, the locations are shown below. They can sell you the Master First Aid book and Manuals for two new types of bandages

  • Fishingfishing

Fishing is a time-consuming profession so bare that in mind before you decide to master this profession. For the con, it is very rewarding if you want to cook certain recipes, or need specific ingredients for other professions. It also has many intricate mechanics and fun flavor items! From fishing you can catch reagents, pets, gear or even gems. It is a great profession to make gold with and it’s also easy to level up with Cooking as you can catch fishes and cook them so you level both of them at the same time. Fishing is also demanding on skills so keep that in mind. There are also daily quests for this profession so you definitely won’t be left without rewards for mastering it. In my opinion Fishing is worth for all classes like First Aid since there are no limits for secondary professions and it can get you some great loot and money.

Some other tips for fishing:

  •  You will need a Fishing Pole equipped in order to catch fish.
  •  Your success chance at catching the fish relies on your Fishing skill. Higher level zones will have a higher skill threshold.
  •  Fishing in a specific pool will yield a specific type of catch, as opposed to open waters.
  •  Furious Crawdad  +30 Stamina, +20 Spirit
  •  Golden Darter +44 Healing, +20 Spirit
  •  Icefin Bluefish +23 Spell Damage, +20 Spirit
  •  Figluster’s Mudfish +20 Agility, +20 Spirit
  •  Zangarian Sporefish +8 Mana per 5 seconds, +20 Stamina
  •  Bloodfin Catfish +8 to All Resistances