What are the best methods to earn gold in TBC? Here you’re gonna find out!

1. Skinning and Vendoring leather

In the process of leveling you’ll face many beasts in your way, earning tons of leather from them. The best way to earn money from it is not to sell the leather on the auction house but to vendor it, but why? Since this method is very popular amongst players the price on the auction house is very really low almost all the time. If the auction house price is better than the vendor price, you can of course go for it, compare these two options, and sell for the best price. Also, to make things even easier you can get a special addon for AH and vendor prices.

2. White items

I assume that you may be thinking of white items like they are so useless that they’re not even worth collecting, but I can tell you that you’re wrong. While the vendor price may not be very optimistic, some of the ‘useless white items’ are sold for very interesting prices at the AH. That’s because some of the items are used for high level recipes. Here are some examples of high demand items you do not wanna miss out:

3. Questing (on max level)

When you’re maxed out you earn more gold instead of experience points so you may wanna use that to earn so money. The biggest con of this method is that it’s one of the most entertaining ways to get richer, since it’s not something boring and time consuming like fishing. If you’re a fan of lore, you like reading the quests and you feel like you already overfarmed, you should definitely consider this one.

4. Daily Quests

Daily quests are quite repetitive tasks that may get boring pretty quick as they are the same repeated in a rotation. It doesn’t change that fact that if you decide to do the quests you’ll earn great amounts of gold. Bare in mind that amount of daily quests is limited. Before you’ll know every quest by heart and they’ll start to get exhausting for you, then you’re good to take advantage of this method. It is not super fast, but it is nice and not hard so you’ll be able to relax and grind.

5. Cloths 

In this paragraph I would like to feature three cloths: Spellcloth, Primal Mooncloth and ShadowclothApproximately they’re sold by 20-40 gold each, depending on the demand of your server. You can craft them but with a 40 seconds cooldown. You don’t have to do anything special, the only valuable thing here is your time, that’s where’s the demand from, some people just don’t have time for that CC.

6. Netherweave Bags

This way of gold making requires tailoring. The secret here is just to make and sell Netherweave bags, since they are and will always be very useful for every player. Most of the time they’re oversupplied items but many people are still re-rolling because of the release of The Burning Crusade DLC. Professions became way more important in this game enlargement so players create alt classes to experience all of them, for that they’ll need to buy new bags and this is where you come in with your new way to make gold.

7. Crafting Gems

Gems are very useful for gear with sockets. You don’t even have to be a jewel crafter here. All you need is to buy gems from the auction house, cut them and re-list, simple as that. Depending on the current state of gem pricing on your server it won’t be always possible to make profit, but if you watch out for the right moment, it can be a very fruitful time to make gold. If you’ll have high level of jewel crafting skill it will make this method even better. You can just stay in the city and profit if you’ll make the right deals.

8. Farming Scholo (with level Enchanting Profession)

It may not seem like, but you can still find some expensive items in Scholo. Most of them are dark runes and rune cloths. Professional endgame raiders find them useful, so they will be your selling target. When it comes to the rune cloth you can just sell it at the AH. Mana is not such a big bottleneck as it used to be but this is still a decent gold making method so you don’t want to miss it out since it may match for your playstyle. The Burning Crusade is also smaller so you won’t face big competition in your business.

9. BoE Epics

The Burning Crusade added lots of high quality items that you can craft to the game. You’ll need Primal Nether for this one so keep that in mind. You’ll also find the recipes for them super useful. If you don’t have any high level blueprints but you have Nether Vortex I recommend you to go raid, you’ll find definitely find some good ones there. Some examples of the ones you wanna seek for are:

You have a small chance to also get some very expensive rare ones like (Watch out for them in Tempest Keep):

If you think that your luck is worth testing I highly recommend you to try seek these out. You can earn some serious amounts of gold with these items. Don’t get too annoyed if it won’t drop for you, you can keep trying, remember that it’s just a gamble here. Even if you get lucky for one of these items, you’ll have a great sale.